About Danny Gill

A lil' bit 'bout me…
The life path of a musician is never straightforward and mine is certainly no exception! Bitten by the guitar bug at the ripe old age of 12, I was fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is a cultural hotspot of musical talent. My local teacher in town happened to be a guy named Joe Satriani, so inspiration and motivation were easy to come by.

"My local teacher in town happened to be a guy named Joe Satriani, so inspiration and motivation were easy to come by."

A few years later I made the move down the California coast to to attend Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood. GIT was an amazing environment for an aspiring guitarist; Paul Gilbert in one room, Frank Gambale in another, Scott Henderson down the hall. Not to mention all of the great students and teachers you may not be as familiar with, Keith Wyatt and Dan Gilbert to name a few. Incredibly humbling and inspiring! I literally played guitar all day, every day. I loved the place so much that I refused to leave and stayed on as a teacher for the next 13 years. A lot happened during those years. I wrote 5 books for Hal Leonard under the Musicians Institute label. I got my first record deal with Hericane Alice on Atlantic Records, appeared on MTV and toured the States sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in rock including Whitesnake and Skid Row.

My next band Medicine Wheel recorded three albums and toured Japan. Of course, no band lasts forever (except maybe the Rolling Stones), so on to another project - Speak No Evil. SNE recorded 2 albums for Universal Records and toured the States opening some arena shows for such bands as Megadeth, Staind, and System Of A Down. All the while I continued my passion for teaching guitar and writing music. Through my collaboration with Mastersource Music Publishing, I have been able to place much of my music on TV shows and films such as The Osbournes, Insomnia, Under Siege, Days Of Our Lives, Access Hollywood, Nash Bridges, etc...

At this point I was ready for my next logical career step—the move to Sweden!

And just what exactly does an American guitarist living in Sweden do? Aside from my pedestrian attempts at learning a nearly impossible language, I fly to England a lot and record instructional videos for Lick Library! This has been an incredibly productive partnership over the years and I have recorded well over 100 titles. These instructional videos range from beginner to advanced and cover many genres including, rock, blues, metal, classical, acoustic, and pop. Some of the titles are: Rock Essentials, Rock Concepts, Classical Guitar Favorites, Advanced Rock Guitar, Soloing With Modes, Fretburning Blues Runs, Shredding Arpeggios, Rock Rhythm Guitar, and Slide Guitar. I also contribute to Guitar Interactive magazine as well as Rhythm UK.

Without getting too corny, playing the guitar has been the motivating factor in my life; through music I have met my best friends, shared some of my greatest memories and have experienced some of my highest highs. The guitar has been my friend and companion for over 40 years and I am still to this day in awe of the endless possibilities of the instrument. Forever challenging, motivating, humbling, freeing and transformative. If you have ever been in ¨the zone¨ you know what I mean. As a player and teacher I try to share the passion I have for the instrument as much as show you where to put your fingers on the fretboard.

So from Gothenburg, Sweden I say in all sincerity,
Rock on!